Question Tags

 What is a tag question?

Tag question is a mini question at the end of statements.

  • He is singing a song, isn’t he?

  • I can not speak English, can I?

  1. Positive statement = negative tag questions


  • Today is so hot, isn’t it?

  • Children are playing in the ground, aren’t they?

  • You got my letter, didn’t you?

  • It looks like snow, doesn’t it ?

  • Mind your own business, will you?

  • Let’s go, shall we?

  • You don’t have to go now, do you?

  • You needn’t stay long, need you?

  • You’d better go now, hadn’t you?

  • No one is present, are they?

  • She had a baby, didn’t she ?

  1. Negative statement = positive tag questions


  • They are not doing any work, are they?

  • Nobody is present, are they?

  • She hardly drinks, does she?

  • Boys don't like to wash, do they?

  • He did not help me, did he?

  • Nobody writes a letter, do they?

  • I am never with you, am I?

  • You needn't buy a pen, need you?

  • None helped me, did they?

  1. These words make the  statement negative 


The barking dog seldom bites, does it?

Nobody is present, are they?

  1. How to make tag question? 

Add n’t in auxiliary verbs

is = isn't

am = aren't

are = aren't

was = wasn't

were = weren't

has+ v3= hasn't

have + v3 = haven't

had+ v3= hadn't 

should = shouldn't

need = needn't

has + noun = doesn't

have + noun = don't

had + noun = didn't

will = won't

shall = shan't

can = can't

could = couldn't

might = mightn't

must = mustn't

may = mayn't

would = wouldn't

dare = daren't

ought to = oughtn't  to

used to = didn't

..'d better = hadn't

..'d rather = wouldn't

..'d + v1 = wouldn't

  1. If the statement doesn’t have an auxiliary verb, the question tag uses an appropriate form of ‘do’. (do does and did )

  • I said that, didn’t I?

  • You don’t recognize me, do you? 

  • She eats meat, doesn’t she?

  • They like playing football, don’t they?

  • Said (v2) = didn’t

  • Eats ( v5) = doesn’t

  • Like ( v1) = don’t 

  • Some more examples 

    • They work well, don’t they?

    • Mohan ate rice, didn’t he?

    • Sunita plays skipping, doesn’t she?

    • Sital looks clean and tidy,doesn’t she?

    • You don’t like me, do you?

    • You want to borrow money from me again, don’t you?

    • Nobody speaks the truth, do they?

    • Nobody helped me, did they?

    • The students play football, don’t they?

  1. Tags for Imperative sentences

  • Open the door, will you?

  • Let me speak first, will you?

  • Don’t cross the road, the truck is coming, will you?

  • Please listen to me, will you?

  • sita , clean the room yourself, will you?

  • kindly , open your bag, will you?

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